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The New TxSmartBuy System Launches
June 2, 2014

On Monday, June 2, 2014, the Comptroller's office will launch a complete system replacement of the current TxSmartBuy system to enhance its functions and performance and increase transparency of government spending on statewide contracts.

Key Launch Dates

May 1: Catalog Item updates and vendor setup information will cease until June 9, 2014 to migrate all current item information to the new system.

Training for current TxSmartBuy users: various dates beginning April 28 — May 21. Register online »

May 23: In order to ensure all catalog, user account, location and order data is transferred successfully to the new system, the current system will shut down at end of day, 6 PM CT, on Friday, May 23.

June 2:  the new TxSmartBuy system will be available for public searches and Agency/Co-Op Purchaser Login at

Launch Details

  • Are there new system requirements to access the new TxSmartBuy?

    Yes. the new TxSmartBuy system requires one of these browsers: Internet Explorer 10 or greater; current versions of Firefox or Chrome. The new system is designed to work with current browsers, and certain functions cannot be guaranteed to work accurately in older versions — specifically in Internet Explorer 8.X or below.

    IMPORTANT: Please work with your IT management to either confirm your purchasers have access to one of the supported browser versions or request installations of new browser software by end of day Fri., May 30.

  • How will I know how to login to the new system?

    All current users of the existing TxSmartBuy system (State agency purchasers and CO-OP local government purchasers) will have accounts already set up in the new TxSmartBuy system on June 2.

    Login information for purchasers will be emailed directly from the Comptroller’s Office by June 2, 2014.

    Public Access: the new TxSmartBuy Search will be available to the public. State and local government employees are encouraged to search TxSmartBuy for items they need and to use the Wish List function to email item details to their purchasing contacts.

  • Will the new system have all of our contact information and addresses?

    Purchaser contact information and all agency/co-op addresses will be transferred to the new system.

  • Will Purchase Orders, POCNS and Cancellations be sent the same way?

    Yes, the contractor and purchaser will continue to receive an email with a PDF attachment of either a Purchase Order, POCN or Cancellation.

  • What should I do about purchase order needs during May 23 through June 1?
    • Plan to place orders ahead of time in the existing TxSmartBuy system or wait until June 2 to place orders in the new TxSmartBuy system.
    • Use purchasing history reports to help plan for late May purchasing needs.
    • Let your internal requesters know that any order requests made between May 24 through June 1 that require items from TxSmartBuy contracts will not be placed until June 2.
  • If updates to Catalog Items cannot be made May 1 through June 8, what should contractors do if an item or price change needs to occur?

    Any item or price changes submitted to TPASS after April 30 will be reviewed, and approved changes will be posted in the new system after June 9.

  • What kind of training will be available?

    Current TxSmartBuy users can register to attend overview sessions. Video walkthroughs and Training guides will be posted throughout May.

  • Will I be allowed to send an internal Purchase Order directly to a TxSmartBuy Contractor or TXMAS dealer?

    No. Unless you are purchasing from a Managed or CCG contract, all statewide purchase orders should be issued from the TxSmartBuy system to be eligible for contract pricing. The Contractor will not ship any products or provide related services until receipt of a Purchase Order generated by the TxSmartBuy system.

    In the new system, you will be able to issue TxSmartBuy purchase orders with quote items or approved catalog items directly to Contractors, including TXMAS dealers, for TxSmartBuy term and TXMAS contracts as applicable. You can also add notes and attachments to the TxSmartBuy Purchase Orders.

  • What other features and benefits will the new TxSmartBuy system offer?
    • One Comprehensive System with Built-in Flexibility: the new TxSmartBuy system will provide a central location for statewide contract, supplier and catalog information, and offer the ability to quickly add new features and fields as contracting and online purchasing needs evolve.
    • Upgraded Search: Greatly enhanced search performance, results presentation, filtering features and item comparison.
    • Upgraded Change Order/Reconciliation process: Purchasers will be able to update the current version of the purchase order to make necessary changes or cancellations, with all edits captured in a viewable audit trail.
    • Enhanced Item Ordering: the new TxSmartBuy system will provide more than two ordering options per item and will accommodate regional pricing, four-decimal pricing, repeat orders, split shipment of orders, easy addition of related services and instructions.
    • No more punchouts: all awarded contract items will be ordered directly through the new system, including TIBH items.
    • Purchasing History Reports and Contract information will be hosted within the new TxSmartBuy system. Current links to the state contracts on the Comptroller's website will link over to the new system.

New features will continue to be added post-launch. Stay tuned for updates.

System Announcement

All users of the TxSmartBuy system are strongly encouraged to change their passwords. Please update to a new password as soon as possible.

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