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Quick Start for:
Texas Performance Review
Socorro Independent School District

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 District Organization and Management

Organizational Structure
Vision, Planning, and Goals
Accountability and Control
Policies and Procedures

Chapter 2 Educational Service Delivery and Student Performance

Student Performance
Instructional Administration and Management
Bilingual Education/English as a Second Language
Special Education/Dyslexia
Compensatory Education/Title I
Career and Technology Education
Gifted and Talented Education
Alternative Education

Chapter 3 Community Involvement

Mission and Organization
District Communications
Community Outreach and Involvement
Parent Involvement

Chapter 4 Personnel Management

Management and Operations
Salaries and Benefits
Recruiting, Hiring, and Termination
Training/Staff Development
Performance Evaluation

Chapter 5 Facilities Use and Management

Facilities Planning
Facilities Use
Construction Management
Maintenance Operations
Custodial Services
Energy Management

Chapter 6 Financial Management

Finance Department Operations
Planning and Budgeting
Revenue and Debt Management

Chapter 7 Asset and Risk Management

Insurance Coverage
Cash Management
Tax Collections
Fixed Asset Management

Chapter 8 Purchasing and Distribution

Warehousing and Mailroom
Textbook and Library Book Delivery
Print Shop Department

Chapter 9 Computer Technology

Organization, Structure, and Management
Business Technology
Instructional Technology

Chapter 10 Food Services

Organization and Operations
Meal Participation

Chapter 11 Transportation

Organization and Staffing
Routing and Scheduling
Fleet Management
Management Policies

Chapter 12 Safety and Security

Organization and Management
Discipline Management
Security Services


  1. Survey Results
  2. SISD Teacher and School Administrator Survey
  3. SISD District Administrator Survey
  4. SISD Parent Survey
  5. SISD Student Survey
  6. Community Comments
  7. Proposed Capital Improvement, 1997-98

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