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Texas Taxes

Tax Exemptions and Tax Incidence
March 2013

The Honorable Rick Perry, Governor
The Honorable David Dewhurst, Lieutenant Governor
The Honorable Joe Straus III, Speaker of the House
Members of the 83rd Legislature
Ladies and Gentlemen:

As required by Section 403.014, Texas Government Code, this report estimates the value of each exemption, exclusion, discount, deduction, special accounting method, credit, refund, and special appraisal available under Texas’ sales, franchise, gasoline, and motor vehicle sales taxes, as well as under the property tax levied by Texas school districts.

For 2013, aggregate exemptions for the above revenue sources will total an estimated $43.9 billion. Of this amount, the exemptions related to state taxes will account for $37.7 billion, and school property tax exemptions will account for the remaining $6.2 billion.

This report also presents the results of the analysis prepared pursuant to Section 403.0141, Texas Government Code, which directs the Comptroller of Public Accounts to report on the incidence of certain taxes and exemptions.

The material in this report is provided only for informational purposes. This report makes no recommendations for retaining, eliminating, or amending any provisions of the law.

Susan Combs
Texas Comptroller

cc: Ursula Parks, Director, Legislative Budget Board

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