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Notice from the Comptroller - Public Information Report
April 2004

Texas law requires corporations subject to franchise tax to file a Public Information Report once a year. The Comptroller displays the officer and director information from the report on our Web site, http://window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/coasintr.html.

The officers and directors listed on our Web site are provided by the corporation itself. The Comptroller does not verify this information.

Changes to officer and director information occurring during the year, after the report is filed, should be reported to the Comptroller on the next annual Public Information Report. The Comptroller will not accept changes during the year.

An individual whose name was included on the report, but who was not an officer or director on the date the report was filed, may file a sworn statement to that effect with the Comptroller. A corporation who made an error on its annual report filing may file an amended Public Information Report with a cover letter explaining the error.

Questions? Please contact us at (800) 252-1381 or send us an e-mail at tax.help@cpa.state.tx.us.

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