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Contract Terms and Instructions


Start Date: 11/2009

End Date: 09/2014


1.1  DESCRIPTION:  908-A1 Bookbinding, Rebinding and Repair Service

1.2  TYPE OF CONTRACT:  Automated Firm Price with escalation - Multiple Award Contract.

1.3  TERM OF CONTRACT:  November 1, 2009 - September 30,2010
     Renewal Term: October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011
     Renewal Term: October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012
     Renewal Term: October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013
     Renewal Term: October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014

1.4  CPA CONTRACT MANAGER:  Questions concerning terms and conditions should be directed to:

     Contract Management Office
     Texas Procurement and Support Services
     Fax (512) 475-0711

1.5  PURCHASE ORDERS: Only purchase orders issued through TxSmartBuy are
		      eligible for Contract pricing.

Section 2 - Specific Contract Requirements


     Normal delivery is minimum 28/maximum 42 days after receipt of books or pick-up of books
     from customer. "Rush" delivery is 14 days after receipt of books.

     Hours for Delivery:
     Delivery shall be made during the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (CST) of the Customer unless
     prior approval for after-hours delivery has been obtained from the Customer.

     Delivery Schedule:

     1. Standard Pickup and Delivery:  The delivery time is defined as the time from the point
        of pick-up at the customer to the shipment's return to the customer.  The customer and
        the contractor (binder) may mutually agree upon a longer schedule for return of specific
        items or shipments.
     2. Rush Pickup and Delivery:  The contractor may be requested to perform some of the
        deliveries under "rush" delivery terms unless the time requirement is less than 14 days.
        Any delivery requirement shorter than 14 days will not be considered within the scope of
        this contract. The contractor will not be allowed to charge any up-charges for these
        rush deliveries; however, the customer will be required to contact the contractor in
        advance to verify their ability to meet the "rush" requirements.
     3. Books Sent to Contractor:  The delivery is 28 days after receipt of books from customer.


     All shipping shall be F.O.B. destination. Prices include all shipping and handling fees
     unless stated otherwise.

     Identification of Shipments:
     In addition to the complete destination address,each delivery must be clearly marked with
     the purchase order number. Each shipment must be accompanied by a packing slip.

     Packaging and Labeling:
     All items shipped must be properly labeled, with weather resistant labeling with any
     necessary identifying information.

     Removable bindery slips are to be placed inside each volume under the front cover with the
     edge of the slip extended or secured by tying cord.  Staples, paper clips or tape are not
     to be used to secure a bindery slip.

     The contractor will pack all materials in a manner to avoid damage.  Volumes should not be
     packed fore edge down.

     Contractor(s) providing material(s) which do not meet all specification requirements does
     not constitute delivery.

     A. Return Shipments:
        Finished products returned to the customer shall be packed in cartons with sufficient
        packaging material to prevent damage with appropriate identification.

     B. Late/Missent Shipments/Partial Shipments or Lost Shipments:
	1. Late or Partial Shipments:
           Complete shipments or partial shipments not received by the customer by the
           specified delivery date because of being picked up late from the customer or not
           delivered within the maximum number of days allowable from the scheduled pick-up date.

        2. Missent Shipments:
           Shipments delayed due to contractor's error sent to a wrong address or wrong customer.

        3. Lost Shipments:
           a. Lost Declaration:
              Items not returned 28 days after receipt of order (ARO) will be considered lost.
              The customer will give the contractor an additional 14 calendar days before filing a
              claim against the contractor for a lost shipment.

           b. Replacement:
              The contractor will credit the customer with the total replacement cost for a volume
              lost or irreparably damaged by the contractor.  The total replacement cost will be
              determined by the customer and shall be either the actual price paid by the customer
              for a replacement volume, or the appraised value of an irreplaceable volume.
              (Reference Section 2.10 - for information regarding Liability Insurance.)

           c. Irreplaceable Items:
              If an irreplaceable volume is damaged or lost, the customer shall have the right to
              secure an independent appraisal at the contractor's sole expense.


     A. Customer Packaging Requirement:
        The customer will pack all volumes so that loose pages and/or covers cannot be separated
        from the applicable volumes.  Books requiring special handling are also to be packed
        separately and labeled accordingly.  All periodical volumes of the same title are to be
        packed together.

     B. Preparation of Book Volumes Prior to Shipping or Pickup by Contractor:
        Send sample volumes or rubs if matching is necessary (all rubs shall clearly show the base line
        of the volume). Indicate when headbands are requested.

     C. Preparation of Periodicals Prior to Shipping or Pickup by Contractor:
	1. Determine how the volume is to be bound (as received, with ads, without ads, missing
           issues, etc.).
	2. Specify arrangement for placing of index, title page, etc.


     A. The contractors are required to perform the requested services only if items have been prepared
        by the customer in accordance with the terms and conditions specified herein and when applicable
        in accordance with the practices established by the ANSI/NISO/LBI Z39.78-2000. The contractors
        certify compliance with the trade practices and rules for the customer Binding Industry as
        promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission on August 30, 1954.

     B. The contractor will furnish at its own expense all materials and items necessary for the
        proper completion of services requested.  This includes but not limited to the following:

	1.  Bindery slips acceptable to both the customer and contractor (no less than a four-part
	2.  Group F Buckram color swatches for the maximum number of colors available to the industry.
	3.  Rubs where applicable.
	4.  Appropriate shipping cartons and mailing labels.

     C. Bindery Slips:

	1. The customer will submit two copies of the bindery slip supplied by the contractor or a
           comparable slip with every volume to be bound with all necessary information legibly
           typewritten or printed in the proper location on the slip.  Bindery slips for paperback
           binding are not required unless lettering by the contractor is required or there are
           special instructions.

        2. Bindery slips shall contain the following minimum information:
	   a.  Collation and/or other special instructions.
	   b.  Lettering to be used on the spine and/or cover.
	   c.  Transliterations, abbreviations of too-long titles, and/or special instructions on
               deviations from specifications or ANSI/NISO/LBI Z39.78-2000.
	   d.  Color preference for buckram cover and lettering, if any.

	3. The contractor shall immediately contact the customer to obtain the complete binding data
           for any work received which does not contain a bindery slip and/or special instructions.

        4. When a bindery slip is required, one part must be returned by the contractor with the volume.

        5. Each customer has the option to provide its own bindery slip.  If provided by the customer,
           the slip will list all of the specifications necessary for the contractor to complete binding
           or rebinding operations.

     D. Special Instructions:
        Unless otherwise specified, all work and materials shall conform to the American National
        Standards Institute/National Information Standards Organization/customer Binding Institute
        Standard for customer Binding, copyright 2000, herein referred to as the ANSI/NISO/LBI
        Z39.78-2000. The customer will furnish the contractor special instructions in writing for
        any work not conforming to these specifications or the ANSI/NISO/LBI Z39.78-2000.

     E. Special Cover Colors:

        The contractor is to supply customers with the color swatches at no cost.

        The Standard Bindery Colors for Grade F Buckram Pyroxylin Impregnated
        Cover Material are as follows:

	 Color	   Mfg. No.     Color	  Mfg. No.     Color    Mfg. No.
	Red	     182       Navy Blue    598	      Turquoise   538
	Maroon	     192       Light Gray   958       Plum	  630
	Orange	     290       Gold	    370       Rust	  719
	Tan          798       Black	    990       Dark Green  490
	Lime Green   478       Brown	    860
	Dark Gray    943       Dark Red     188
	Country Blue 563       Army Green   488
	Royal Blue   588       Hunter Green 494

        Note:  The manufacturer numbers are customer Binding Service, Gane
               Bros. or equal.


       A. Quality Standards

          1. Cover:
             a. Material applied smoothly to boards, clean and free of glue
             b. Joints parallel to spine & uniformly deep

          2. Trimming:
             a. Each of three (3) exposed edges trimmed flush
             b. No text trimmed off any page; no fold-over sheets cut through
             c. Volume not trimmed if instructions specify "no trim"

          3. End Papers:
             a. Front and back pastedowns secure and positioned squarely on boards
             b. End papers not wrinkled or marred

          4. Spine Imprint:
             a. All elements match binding slip
             b. Imprint clear

          5. Text block
             a. Firmly attached to cover
             b. Reinforcing material properly extended and smoothly adhered
             c. Recased volumes free of old adhesive and well cleaned
             d. Stitching secure
             e. Double fan adhesive bound volumes with all leaves firmly and cleanly attached
             f. Correct Orientation within case

          6. Collation:
             a. Issues/pages in correct order
             b. Supplements and indexes properly placed
             d. Pockets properly placed

       B. Corrections:
          Errors made by the contractor will be corrected at no additional charge to the customer
          including pickup and delivery.

       C. Return of Corrected Items:
          Corrected volumes will be returned to the contractor at the contractor's sole expense within
          28 calendar days of the date of return.  If the customer needs the corrected items rushed, the
          contractor will make corrections on a rush basis within 14 calendar days at the contractor's
          sole expense. The contractor will also pay for transportation to and from the customer.

       D.  Irreparable Items:
           Volumes with errors that cannot be corrected without permanently damaging the volume or
           without making the volume unbindable will be handled as a replacement according to the terms
           in Section 2.2(B)(3)(b) - Replacement.

       Customers may present "rare" books to the contractor for evaluation and mutual agreement for
       processing restoration and/or repair services.

2.8    WARRANTY:
       Warranty shall be as specified in ANSI/NISO/LBI Z39.78-2000 3.0.

       The Vendor Performance Tracking System was designed to enhance the relationship between the
       contractor community and customers. The program allows an equitable means to evaluate the
       performance of contractors holding a contract with the state of Texas. Evaluation will be done
       through input submitted by customers.

       The Vendor Performance Tracking System information is available at:

2.10   LIABILITY INSURANCE:  Contractor has full responsibility for safekeeping
       and return of any and all items placed in his possession.  All reasonable
       precaution shall be taken by the contractor to prevent loss or damage as
       many items may be considered to be priceless, out of print, or otherwise

       By signature on the bid, the contractor certifies that it will maintain
       insurance in full force and effect to protect entities' property while in
       the contractor's custody including transportation provided by the contractor.
       contractor shall certify as follows:

       A.  The insurance contract must provide for "all risk" coverage for all
           items.  The contractor may request special arrangements be made in advance
           for volumes valued over $400.00 or those that are considered
       B.  The limit of liability for any volume lost, damaged beyond use, or
           destroyed shall be the purchase price of the replacement book plus
           $30.00 to cover the cost of searching, ordering, and processing the book
           into service in addition to possible damages for late delivery.


Following the contract award, additional services of the same general category that could have been
encompassed in the award of this contract, and that are not already on the contract, may be added.
A formal written request will be sent to Contractors to quote on the proposed additional services.
Contractors shall submit proposals to the CPA as instructed. All prices are subject to negotiation
with the Best and Final Offer ("BAFO"). CPA may accept or reject any or all proposals, and may issue
a separate RFP or IFB for the services after rejecting some or all of the responses. The services
covered under this provision shall conform to the specifications as outlined. Submittal of a sample
of the item with the request may be necessary for proper determination by the contractor of services

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