NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

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                                  CLASS: 540

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  05   Asbestos Sheets, All Types (Except Insulation and Roofing)
  08   Asbestos Siding, Flat
  09   Blocking Wood
  10   Bridge Timbers and Railroad Ties, Treated
  12   Forms, Wood (See 210-13 and 755-73 for Concrete Forms)
  14   Lumber, Cedar
  17   Lumber, Cypress
  20   Lumber, Fir
  23   Lumber, Hardwood, All Kinds
  26   Lumber, Parana Pine
  29   Lumber, Poplar and Willow
  32   Lumber, Redwood
  34   Lumber, Softwood (SPF)
  35   Lumber, Southern Pine, Laminated Structural Type
  41   Lumber, Treated: Creosote, Penta, Wolmanized, etc.
  42   Lumber, Treated: Fire Retardant
  43   Lumber, Walnut
  44   Lumber, White Pine
  47   Lumber, Yellow Pine
  49   Oriented Strandboard (OSB, Wafer Board)
  50   Particleboard, All Types
  52   Plastic Lumber and Related Products
  53   Pressed Paper Sheets
  56   Pressed Wood Sheets: Masonite, etc.
  57   Pilings, Treated
  58   Pipe Sticks, Wooden
  59   Plywood, Softwood (SPF)
  62   Plywood, Hardwood Type (Except Decorative and Plastic Faced)
  65   Plywood Panels, Decorative, Prefinished
  66   Plywood Panels, Decorative, Unfinished
  68   Plywood Panels, Plastic Faced (For Highway Signs, etc.)
  70   Poles, Treated and Untreated
  71   Posts, Cedar
  73   Posts, Treated and Untreated (Including Wooden Guard Rail Posts -
       See 570-28 for Metal Posts)
  75   Railings
  77   Recycled Lumber
  78   Sawdust and Shavings
  79   Wood and Lumber Products, Scrap or Waste
  81   Sheetrock and Accessories: Cement, Corners, Floating Compound, etc.
       (For Tape See Class 832) (Including Recycled Type)
  84   Shakes and Shims, Wood
  87   Siding, Prefinished Particleboard
  88   Siding, Vinyl Clad (Including Recycled Types)
  89   Siding, Wood, All Types
  90   Stakes: Engineers', Agricultural, etc.
  91   Structural Wood Products (Not Otherwise Classified): Beams, Framing
       Lumber, Planks, Joists, etc.
  92   Timbers, Construction Type (Laminated, Treated and Untreated)
  94   Underlayment
  95   Veneers, All Kinds
  96   Wood Bi-Products (Not Otherwise Classified)
  97   Wood, Fire