NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

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                                  CLASS: 285

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  01   Automated Meter Reading Systems (AMR)
  02   Analyzer, Electric Power Demand
  03   Arresters, Lightning
  04*  Back-up Systems, Battery Operated (Emergency)
  05   Beacon Light Systems Complete For Buildings, Roadside, etc. (See
       Class 120 for Marine Beacons)
  06   Ballasts, All Kinds
  07   Bulb and Fixture, Changer/Remover
  08   Bus Bars, Duct, and Accessories
  09   Cabinets, Electrical Service Entrance
  10*  Cable Accessories: Clamps, Clasps, Clips, Closures, Reels, Splices,
       Wrappings, etc.
  11   Capacitors, Motor Starting and Running
  13   Compound, Explosion Proof Sealing
  14   Circuit Breakers, Load Centers, Boxes, and Panelboards
  15   Coatings, Protective, Electrical
  16   Commutators, Resurfacers, Stone
  17   Conduit and Fittings, Fiber and Asbestos-Cement
  18   Conduit and Fittings, Cast Iron and Malleable Iron
  19   Conduit and Fittings, Plastic/PVC
  20   Conduit and Fittings, Fiberglass
  21   Conduit and Fittings, Aluminum
  22   Conduit and Fittings, Rubber
  23   Conduit Fittings, Steel: Boxes, Bushings, Clamps, Connectors,
       Covers, Locknuts, Straps, etc.
  24   Conduit and Fittings, Brass, Bronze, and Copper
  25   Current Collection Equipment and Accessories, Electrical
  26   Conduit, Steel
  27   Control Devices, Lighting (Including Photocells, Multiple Relays,
       Lighting Contactors)
  28   Cutouts, Pole Line Type
  29   Dimmers, Light (See Class 855 for Theatre Dimmers)
  30   Dielectric Tools, Tool Handles, Hydraulic Hose and Fittings (High
       ANSI Rated)
  31   Fluorescent Tube Crushers and Disposers
  32   Fluorescent and HID Lamp Energy Saving Devices
  33   Fog Light Systems (Not Automotive)
  34   Fuses, Fuse Blocks and Holders, Links, etc.
  35   Gaskets, Meter
  36*  Gates, Electric (Including Card Readers, etc.)
  37   Generators, Portable, Engine Driven (Including Fog and Mist Types)
  39   Generators, Stationary Type (Not Automotive)
  40   Grounding Rods and Fittings
  41   Hose, Protective Line
  42   Insulation Materials and Insulators: Compounds, Varnish, etc.
  43   Induction Heating Equipment, Parts and Accessories
  44*  Isolation System (For Computer Center)
  45   Lamps, Projector
  46   Lamps: Construction Equipment, and Miniature
  47   Lamps: Decorative, Household
  48   Lamps: Desk, Floor, and Table
  49   Lamps, Miscellaneous (Not Otherwise Classified)
  50   Lamps: Fluorescent, Incandescent, Mercury Vapor, Quartz, and Sodium
  51   Lamps: Scientific Instrument: Microscope, Oscilloscope, etc.
  52   Lamps: Portable, Shop, and Work Site
  53   Lens and Reflectors, Replacement (Including Holders)
  54   Lighting Fixtures, Indoor: All Kinds and Parts (Including
       Lampholders and Recycled Types)
  55   Lighting, Area, Pole or Standard Mounted (Parking Lots, etc.)
  56   Lighting Fixtures, Outdoor: Floodlights, Spotlights, Yard Lights,
       and all other Weatherproof Fixtures (Except Streetlights)
       (IncludingRecycled Types)
  57   Lighting, Solar Powered
  58   Lighting Units, Emergency, Battery Operated; and Batteries
  59   Light Meters and Reflectometers (For Office Illumination
       Measurement, Reflectivity, etc. (Not Photographic or Lab)
  60   Locators, Cable
  61   Meters, Indicating and Recording of Power Consumption
  62   Meters, Indicating and Recording (Of Power line Fluctuations -
       Voltage or Amperage - Not Hand Tool Type)
  63   Meters, Hand Held: Voltage, Amperage, Multi-Hand Held, Phase
       Indicators, etc.
  64   Motor Controllers, Contactors, Push Button Stations, Relays, Safety
       Switches, Starters, Coils and Brushes
  65   Ignition, Starting Aid, High Pressure Sodium, All Types
  66   Monitors and Related Equipment, Power Line
  67   Power Systems Switchgears and Related Accessories
  68   Motors and Parts, Fractional H.P. Electric (Incl. Remanufactured)
  69   Misc. Electrical Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
  70   Motors and Parts, Integral H.P., Single Phase, Electric (Incl.
  71   Motors and Parts, Integral H.P., Three Phase, Electric (Incl.
  72   Resistors (Non-Electronic)
  73   Relays (Non-Electronic)
  74   Pole Line Hardware: Anchors, Arms, Bolts, Braces, Brackets,
       Clevises, Connections, Insulators, Plates, Pole Steps, Racks, Rods,
       Shackles,Straps, Thimbles, Washers, etc. (See 765-95 for Wire Rope
  75   Repair Kits (For Contactors)
  76   Street and Highway Lighting Luminaires, Accessories and Parts
  77   Square Duct and Fittings
  78   Structural Supports and Racks, Mechanical Type: Angles, Braces,
       Brackets, Channels, Clips, Fittings, Spring-Nuts, etc.
  79   Switches, Parts and Accessories (Miscellaneous)
  80   Street Light Poles and Standards
  81   Tools and Accessories, Electricians' and Lineman's (Including Cable
       Fault Locators, Cable Pullers, Press Boosters and Heads, Hotsticks,
       Testing Equip. Wire Crimping Tools, etc.) (See 285-30 for Dielectric
  82   Transformer Equipment, Type 1 KVA and less
  83   Towers, Light
  84   Transformers, Transmission Line Type
  85   Transformers, Dry Type, For Indoor or Outdoor Applications
  86   Transformers, Power Distribution (Including Fluid Filled, Pad and
       Pole Mount)
  87   Transformers, Power, Electric Sub-Station
  88   Tube Guard and Safety Sleeves (For Fluorescent Fixtures)
  89   Unilets
  90   Voltage Line Thermostats, Inverters, Converters, Spike and Surge
  91   Valves, Electro Pneumatic
  92   Wire and Cable Markers and Marker Ties
  93   Wire Molding, Raceways, Accessories, and Fittings
  94   Voltage Regulators
  95   Wiring Devices: Adapters, Caps, Connectors, Extension Cords,
       Fluorescent and HP Starters, Outlets, Plates and Covers, Plugs,
       Receptacles,Safety Cord Lock, Switches, Terminals, etc. (Incl.
       Recycled Electrical Products, Supplies)
  96*  Uninterruptible Power Supplies

     * - This item may contain an Automated Information
         Systems(AIS)/Telecommunications component or service.