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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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IRS Request for Transcript of Tax Return

The IRS provides the ability to recreate tax records within 48 hours for a person living in a federally declared disaster area. Use Form 4506-T (PDF) to request your information.

Instructions for using Form 4506-T

  1. Complete lines 1a-4.
  2. Complete line 5 with the address of the third party for the transcript to be sent to that address. Otherwise leave blank and the transcript will be sent to you.
  3. Enter the appropriate tax form (usually Form 1040) on line 6
  4. Check box 6a for return transcript.
  5. Complete line 9 for the tax years requested.
  6. Sign 4506-T.
  7. Write the appropriate disaster designation, such as "HURRICANE IKE," in red letters across the top of the forms to expedite processing
  8. Fax to 859-669-3592 or mail to RAIVS TEAM, PO Box 145500 Stop 2800F Cincinnati OH 45250

The anticipated response time is 24-48 hours from IRS receipt of the fax.

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