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Texas Mileage Guide FAQ

History of the Mileage Guide

The Comptroller's office first proposed an electronic mileage guide in the 1994 Texas Performance Review's Recommendation E17.

HB 1924, passed by the 74th Legislature and effective September 1, 1995, mandated the creation of an electronic mileage guide.

1. Which states are covered by the Mileage Guide?

The Mileage Guide covers five states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. Relatively few locations outside of Texas are included in the Mileage Guide.

2. How are the mileages computed?

The Mileage Guide finds the shortest route between city center points or facility locations, taking into consideration all roads including farm-to-market and ranch-to-market roads.

The Comptroller's office uses the Network Analyst module of the ArcInfo Geographic Information System (GIS) from Environmental Services Research Institute, which applies a shortest-path algorithm attributed to E. W. Dijkstra. For more information about the software, see www.esri.com.

3. Where do you get the road information?

The Comptroller's office purchased a proprietary road network database from Geographic Data Technology, now a part of Tele Atlas. The terms of the purchase agreement prohibit us from distributing the database itself.

4. May state employees use their car odometer readings instead than the mileage guide?

Yes, according Textravel. Please be sure your agency's internal policies allow this means of determining mileage.

5. Are county, city or federal employees allowed to use the EMG? Can we be reimbursed according to Mileage Guide routing?

Everyone is welcome to use the Mileage Guide. Except for state agencies, reimbursement based on the Mileage Guide is up to the employer.

6. Can I download the database?

No. The terms of the purchase agreement prohibit us from distributing the database itself. You can, however, download a list of all locations in the Mileage Guide.

7. Why is it that when I add a city or cities and click the "calculate" button, the entries disappear?

Using AOL or a browser version later than Internet Explorer 6.0 may cause your entries to disappear. If you need further assistance, contact Online Systems at wosg@cpa.state.tx.us or 1-800-531-5441, extension 5-0996.

8. What if I still have questions about the Mileage Guide?

E-mail your question to mileage.guide@cpa.state.tx.us.

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