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Texas Secretary of State


  • The Office of the Secretary of State uses the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) as its internal accounting system, and USAS does not provide the ability to track expenditures by the TBPC/NIGP commodity code. USAS requires tracking expenditures at the Comptroller Object Code level, which is a higher level of detail.
  • Information submitted by TBPC/NIGP commodity codes is taken from a Secretary of State internal procurement system These expenditures are for goods and services processed through a purchase order and do not include salaries and wages, benefits, travel, primary election costs, pass-through Federal grants, utilities, etc. Expenditures requiring commodity codes were less than 10 percent of the agency's total expenditures in appropriation year 2006.
  • The dollar values listed by the TBPC/NIGP commodity codes represent the authorized contract amounts, not necessarily actual expenditures, and in some cases no funds may have been expended against the authorized amount.
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